Content to Skills Mapper

Content to Skills Mapper

The Challenge

We all need to stay up to date and continuously learn on the topics that matter. Courses alone won't cut it. You need to provide fresh and relevant content every day.

Easy to say. Harder to do in practice.

Finding the most relevant content from millions of potential sources takes time. Curating, filtering and embedding it in your Platform takes manual effort.

You don't have time to do it every day, for every topic. But it's what your learners want.

Let's make it easier.

Our Solution

The Anders Pink API allow you to bring relevant content directly into your LMS, Learning Platform or wherever you want to see it.

You can use our display API to make briefings on Anders Pink and embed them in your platform or app. Or use our Full API or Javascript SDK to embed Anders Pink curation functionality directly into your app.

We use powerful filtering to provide the content you want, from any site or source, e.g.

    • Bring me the latest tips on selling from these 20 sites, Twitter users and RSS feeds
    • Bring me the latest articles on leading teams from 150 business sites
    • Bring me content on GDPR that also mention HR or Learning


    • Stay up to date: Updated every few hours with fresh content based on your filters.
    • Save time: you don't need to keep checking 30 different sources, it's all in one place.
    • Stay smart: Our AI learns what you like and intelligently refines your articles. It gets smarter, so do you and your learners.


Sample Use Cases for the API

    • Embed trending content on your Company or sector in your Learning Platform home page
    • Display relevant content from around the web mapped to your courses and competencies
    • Display the latest articles from your preferred sites and sources on leadership as part of a leadership area in your LMS

Already Plugged Into Leading Platforms

Our API is already integrated with leading platforms and tools, and is easy to set up for others:

What people are saying

"Anders Pink is really useful tool. We use it on the platforms we design. Access to constantly updated, well targeted and easy to find articles make the LMS a useful destination for the learner, encouraging repeat visits to a platform which might otherwise only be used annually to complete a piece of compliance training."

Paul Welch

Solutions Consultant



"We're really excited about how we can use Anders pink to curate resources in real time for our audience, to support our blended content strategy. Either embedded into our eLearning, or as resources in a topic on our learning portal, we can bring the hot topics to learners, whilst also being able to refine what they see, to ensure it's relevant."

Sam Taylor

Digital Development Manager

Hitachi Rail Europe


"Our members ask more and more about content curation and how it could be made easier. To answer this demand and to help with continuous learning, we started incorporating Anders Pink. It’s absolutely brilliant tool and is now a key part of our blended learning solution. Why spend hours searching when Anders Pink can do it for you?"

Martin Baker


Charity Learning Consortium


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