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Content Curation WordPress PlugIn

You want to keep your audience engaged and returning regularly to your WordPress site for updates.

One way of doing that is to regularly curate and share high quality, recent and relevant content on the topics your audience cares about.

But finding, filtering and sharing quality takes time. Time you probably don't have. You could just pull in some RSS feeds - but then you have no control over what gets displayed.

Full Curation, Complete Control: Anders Pink Plugin for WordPress

Our curation plugin for WordPress makes it easier to find and share great content from anywhere on the web that your audience will love.

    • Set the rules for the content you want to curate: Choose specific sites, twitter influencers and RSS feeds. You control the sources.
    • Filter them by the keywords: pull through content on any topic, for example “digital banking trends” or “Facebook Marketing” - whatever fits with your audience and content themes. You have complete control over what's displayed - much more powerful than an RSS feed on its own.
    • Use the plugin to embed recent trending content alongside your blog posts, or on any page in your WordPress site.
    • Display recent content automatically, or hand-pick the articles you want to display.

See how we use it to share content curation tips as a sidebar on our blog here

Get the WordPress plugin here

For pricing information. A free trial may be available. We also offer some advanced add-ons that enable you to create briefings and saved boards using the API, which means your end-users can create briefings inside your platform for a fully integrated experience.


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